A Guide to Simple Surveys

A Guide to Simple Surveys

The easy way to identify user pain points and product problems

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In Simple Surveys, you create surveys and forms to identify any problem with a product or design based on users’ feedback. Simple Survey testing can be conducted through questionnaires, asking certain questions about a product. A simple survey helps you test the idea of a product before you take it to the general market. The survey’s questions focus on the benefits of the product if it has shortcomings or not, as well as its relevance to the present reality.

WHAT CAN YOU USE A SIMPLE SURVEY FOR? Simple Surveys help you examine product potential and clarify its USP. It also helps you identify the strengths and flaws of the product as well as ways to improve it. It helps you learn users’ expectations regarding your product, and as such, you are able to align the product to users’ expectations and preferences. Simple surveys are used to measure user satisfaction and get deeper feedback about a product. It is called a simple survey because of its flexibility and simple structure.


  • To identify your product’s strengths and weaknesses: A simple survey helps you discover the strength and weaknesses of your product.

  • To understand your users: Simple survey enlightens you on your users’ needs and wants via their feedback and reactions.

  • To get feedback on your product: The core purpose of a simple survey is to get reactions to your product.


  • Identify your target users

  • Careful set your survey questions

  • Publish your survey

  • Analyse the feedback

  • Write your results


The core value of a simple survey is its ability to help you get honest feedback about your product to help you identify its strengths and flaws or rooms for improvement.

WHEN CAN YOU USE A SIMPLE SURVEY? Use simple surveys when you want to get deep insights about a product.

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