Prototype Evaluation

Prototype Evaluation

Ascertain whether your new product idea is what your users want

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Prototype Evaluation is a research method that allows you to get useful feedback on your product prototype from your target users. This feedback will help you learn whether there are parts or portions of your product idea or design to improve. A prototype is used as a sample to get users' feedback and impression about a product before you put it out. This test helps you to discover whether or not the product will be relevant in reality.


  • It creates a channel for open and sincere communication between you and your users. With this test, users can express their honest views about your product, thereby building accountability between you and users.

  • Responses from this test could be blunt, but it helps you clarify your product vision and product optimize your product design with thorough and constructive feedback from users. It also helps learn whether to keep iterating with your current product or design a different one entirely to solve the problem you are trying to solve.

  • Conducting this test is important for keeping you and the rest of your product team active and practical, opening your eyes to blind spots in opportunities or pitfalls.

  • It helps you gain prospective users/clients.


It helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product before its completion and launch. It measures your designs early and gives you the necessary feedback to refine the product. It helps you learn what your target users demand, based on the feedback they share. It saves you time, money and energy. Prototype testing gives you a good sense of your product’s unique selling point and best positioning, as it reveals what your users need in terms of what your product lacks.


  • Learn about your user
  • Build your prototype
  • Specify the issues you want the test to help you gain clarity on
  • Create a preliminary design
  • Prepare the Test
  • Evaluate your results

THE VALUE OF PROTOTYPE EVALUATION An evaluation of your prototype prevents you from making time, money and energy investments in a bad product.

WHEN CAN YOU USE PROTOTYPE EVALUATION? Once you design a a product sample (prototype), it will save you time, money and energy to take it through a prototype test to guide you toward improving the product or shelving it if it is discovered to be a bad product.

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